GEEF (Generation 90 Education Endowment Fund)

Our flagship item of external focus is Generation 90 Education Endowment Fund (GEEF) launched in September 2010.

GEEF is a charitable, non-profit public benefit program of Generation 90 Club Port Harcourt created, organized, and maintained exclusively for the educational purposes, through the bestowment of scholarship to brilliant but indigent of the country.

GEEF was launched as a part of our obligation of giving back to the society.  The Fund, after its launch in 2010, has awarded scholarships to (14) fourteen beneficiaries, who are at different stages of their education. These scholarships shall cater for the educational pursuits of the beneficiaries up to university level. Our target is to have at least 50 beneficiaries in the GEEF program the Year 2020


Members of the Association share a common belief in the respect for human rights and that is why the constitution has particularly subscribed to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

We also believe that the all-pervasive poverty in our society is not a natural disaster and that there is no contribution that is too little or too much in the fight against this poverty and its causative agents.

These beliefs form the plank of our policies and collective aspirations and actions as a body – all within the context of strict adherence to societally acceptable moral ethics and norms.